THF Rules and Guidelines

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THF Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin_Lila on Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:44 am

- No pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, or other objectionable material will be tolerated. Administration judgment applies here. Keep in mind that these forums are meant to be safe for all ages and should be kept clean.

- Do not use profanity or other foul language. Administration judgement applies here. Word filters are in place, but attempts to bypass them are not allowed. As stated, we want these boards to be kept clean and safe.

- No flaming. Do not incite conflict with others. This only creates a negative atmosphere and causes stress for everyone. Please be considerate in your interactions with others on the board.

- No trolling. Trying to force or provoke someone into an argument is strictly prohibited.

- Try to not post in netspeak. You know, "g2g" or "brb". Use vowels. Administration judgement applies here. If you're taking the time to post on the forums, you should do your best to be understood by others. When using netspeak in anything more than a few words, you tend only to confuse readers.

- Try to stay on topic. Please follow the topic at hand. Slight deviation is tolerable, but keep it to a minimum. The chatbox, Off-Topic Discusson forum, and private messaging should be used for such conversations.

- Avoid double posting. Posting multiple times in a row isn't necessary, as there is an Edit button to use should you want to modify your post.

- Respect the authorities here. Disregarding the rules or defying the authority of administators/moderators will not be allowed.

-Never post any personal information. Your last name, address, zip code, and school name should all be kept private, as this can compromise your safety. Information such as this will be removed post-haste.

Thanks for cooperating, guys. Chatbox/picture rules will be up soon.
If you witness any breaking of these rules, please PM Admin_Lila, Nicolarrrr., or faith.

I'm the boss of you. Don't forget that. =]. Jk, jk. But seriously. I rule.

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